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Alamat Ng Anay (English Version)

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Ranay is a kid wherein her habit is excessive eating. The young girl lived in the poor town of Sto. Cristo. Even though they are poor, Ranay's parents did not neglect their beloved child. Ranay is their only child thus, they provide everything to suffice Ranay's gluttony. Ranay's parents, especially her mother did not even thought that she will conceive a child due to their age.

They loved Ranay so much until it came to the point that Ranay lived like a princess. They did not allow their little princess to do the household chores. Ranay did nothing except excessive eating. Ranay used to lived like that until she grew up. Her parents are already in frail health but still did everything to support their daughter.

Rice, Bread, Fruits, Meat and everything. Sometimes her parents even offer their food to her. One day, an unexpected fate happened to Ranay's parents, they both died in an accident.

Ranay know nothing but to eat, no more parents. She eventually died. Ranay is long-dead when her old neighbors noticed that their house is going to fall. When they inspect it, they found an insect. An insect who eats their wooden house.

They remembered Ranay, perhaps it is Ranay. They named the insect as Ranay and eventually it became... "Anay".