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Alamat Ng Antipolo (English Version)

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According to elders, all farmers who lives in plains during the Spanish era were migrated to mountain to avoid the atrocity of the Spanish colonizers. They stayed in forest to prevent being involved in violence against their town. The rebellion continued and the Spanish became more indignant. The Spanish planned a revenge, many Filipinos were put into jail and accused of being members of Katipunan.

The people in mountain heard the incoming invasion of Spanish soldiers and they were terrified. Night and day, all frightened womens are praying non-stop to save them from incoming danger.

Until one day, Spanish soldiers climbed the mountain. They reached the place wherein the women are gathered to pray. All of a sudden, the "Tipolo" tree shined. The "Birheng Concepcion" appeared on the top of Tipolo tree. Due to being religious of the colonizers, they were scared and repented.

Many of them saw the miraculous apparition of Birheng Concepcion. The people around expressed their gratitude for the help of Birheng Concepcion. The Spanish soldiers retreated and promised that they will honor that place. The Spanish was delighted to announce the miracle they had witnessed to their fellow soldiers.

"Where is that place and we will go there" asked by the believers.

A man answered, "On mountain, ask them where is Tipolo and they will guide you"

Because of repeated inquiries of the people who is asking "Saan ang Tipolo?", people called the place "Santipolo". Later on, it was shortened to "Antipolo".

Since then, rich or poor people were accustomed to go pilgrimage on mountain of Antipolo especially on holy week.