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Alamat Ng Aso (English Version)

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Lito and Masong are good friends since they are child. The two always look for each other. They even go together every time there is somewhere to go. Their friendship stays until they grew up. Helping each other became part of their daily lives. From farming to hunting at the forest, the two are always together.

They did not expect that something bad will happen to Masong. Masong became ill and it leads to his death. Lito saddenedfor passing of his best friend. He always went to Masong's grave. He often talked with his friend like the way he used to be.

One day, Lito got sick. He felt very dizzy thus, his parents forbid him to go to Masong's grave. It continued for the following days. During the time that Lito is sick, a small animal came into their house. Lito's mother always throw the animal outside of their house.But the small animal keeps returning in front of Lito's room and it seemed that the animal was there to guard Lito.

When Lito recovered from his illness, he went back to Masong's grave. Lito saw the small animal that his mother threw. It was standing in front of Masong's grave and it wiggle its tail.

The animal did not leave Lito until he came home. The small animal often sleep on his feet and everytime he woke up, the animal always bark and wiggle its tail. Because of the animal, Lito forgotten his sadness for Masong's death.

He named the animal after Masong and later on... it was now called "Aso".