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Alamat Ng Daga (English Version)

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Once upon a time, all people lived happily together. They were blessed with a luxurious life by the Goddess. But in exchange, there is one rule; The Goddess did not allow them to go outside of their Paradise.

Despite of everything, Raga still not yet contented. He is young boy with a curious mind. He wants to explore the world outside of their Paradise. Every day, Raga feel a strong desire to go beyond their Paradise. One night, Raga had the courage to flee. The young Raga did not waste any chance and felt like he was released from a golden cage.

However, Raga did not expect that the outside world is the opposite of their Paradise. Nevertheless, Raga still amused on the new environment around him. He walked and ran on the mud. He also slept on the grubby environment. Raga ate all the foods that is new to his eyes. He gets excited to socialize with the various entitities on the outside world even though they are much different with the people he used to be with.

Raga enjoyed with the new world and used all of his time to explore the new things around him. Raga did not notice how much time he spent on exploring.

One night, the young Raga felt lost and alone. He remembered his mother that perhaps is worried about him. He also remembered his father that is searching for him now. He also remembered his friends.

Raga contemplating his love ones when someone suddenly grab his body.

"This is our territory" said by entity

"Find your own place" said by the other entity

Raga is saddened by the words he had heard. In their Paradise all people are equal, no one is abused. Raga realized thatthe Paradise he used to lived with is still much better.

Stained and with unpleasant smell, No one in the Paradise recognized Raga. They pushed Raga out of their Paradise. Raga explainedeverything but no one believes him. The tearful Raga called their Goddess but instead of forgiving him, the Goddess cursed him for not complying to the rule of Paradise.

Raga became a small animal with unpleasant appearance. He now lives on grubby environment such as burrow and gutter. Raga is the young boy from Paradise, the ancestor of "Daga".