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Alamat Ng Kabayo (English Version)

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Once upon a time, there was a happy and peaceful living couple named Ayong and Karing. The couple don't havean offspring. They were already contented with each other. Until one day, a good surprise came out. They learned that Karing is pregnant. Ayong and Karing thank God for having the child.

"I will promise to make everything to make you and our child happy." said by Ayong

After few months, a healthy baby boy was born. Being an only child, Ayong and Karing did everything to providetheir child a prosperous life. Thus, the boy grew up as a spoiled brat. He always talk back against his parents.Everytime his parents scolded him, the young man always ran away from their home.

One day, When Ayong did not withstand the bad attitude of their child towards Karing, he scolded the young man again. The weeping young man ran away and went to the mountain. He has nowhere to go. Fortunately, an old man saw and generously helped him.

Later on, the old man figured out what happened.

"Go back and apologize, conceiving a hatred is not good." Said by the old man. The young man did not listen and was displeased to the old man. He kicked all the chairs around him. "You don't have any rights to tell me what to do" Said by the young man. The young man continuously kick the entire things around him.

The young man is unaware that the old man is an enchanter. The enchanter transformed the young man into an animal with four feet.

When the young man was tired and discontinued his havoc, he cried but a high-pitched sound emitted from his mouth.

He is too late to realized that his body cannot go back into his old form. The young man went back into their home, now with four feet.

Ayong and Karing were kind enough to take care of the animal they found in front of their home. They treated it like their own child and not realizing that it was really their own child.

They named the animal as "Kayong"

And later on... it became what we call now as "Kabayo".