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Alamat Ng Luya (English Version)

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During the Spanish era, there was a lady singer named Meluya. She is beautiful with a graceful voice. Hence, she was admired by many. Meluya is beautiful and thus, many of her townsman courted her. But Meluya rejected them.

"My dream is to be a servant of God" as she often says to her friends. "God gave me a wonderful voice and in return, I will offer it back."

Because of her beautiful voice, no one noticed Meluya's flaw. She has a circular shape feet with tumor. Every single day, Meluya spent her time on church.

Until it came to the point that Meluya not only sings on sacred mass, she also teach singing to young childrens who sings with her.

Many people were pleased with Meluya because many women on their town rather focused their attention to get married with a Spanish. People were puzzled when Meluya didn't attend church for several days. They worried about Meluya. They went to Meluya's house only to find out that the beautiful woman was in worst condition. No one noticed Meluya's illness and thus, people were saddened when Meluya died.

Days have passed, people were in grief for passing of their cantora or singer. One time, Meluya's grave was visited by the young childrens whom she had taught how to sing. The childrens noticed a strange plant near Meluya's grave.

"What is this plant? This is the first time I saw this kind." said by a child

Childrens told their parents what they had seen. When the plant was fully grown, they excavated it and were amazed at its fruit.

They discovered a plant wherein its fruit is similar to Meluya's feet. They also learned that the fruit was good for throat when it is boiled.

Since then, they called the fruit "Meluya" in memories of Meluya. Several years later, it was shortened to "Luya".

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