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Alamat Ng Marinduque (English Version)

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Once upon a time, several years ago, the town of Camarines, Mindoro and south west part of Laguna are within the Baranggay of Batangas. The chief of this baranggay is Datu Batumbakal. Datu Batumbakal had a very beautiful daughter named Mutya Maria. Mutya Maria was considered a queen of Katagalugan because she has the quality of a queen.

Mutya Maria have many suitors. Among of these are the wealthy Datu of Mindoro, Laguna and Camarines. None of them had captured the heart of Maria. Maria is already in-love to a commoner named Garduke or more commonly known as Duke. Duke was inclined to singing and creating poems. He is a fisherman.

The three Datu were allowed to visit anytime while Duke had been warned many times by Datu Batumbakal. Duke had been caught once and he was scolded and kicked out of the palace. Although he mentioned that Maria had invited him to listen to his poems, he was still restricted by Datu Batumbakal.

Since then, they never saw Duke. Maria is very sad and felt deprived. She walked around the farm hoping to see Duke.

Destiny pushed them together, they've met on the shore of Pasipit.

"If you really loved me, you will fight for it anyhow" a challenge by Maria to Duke. Before they were parted, they agreed to meet before sunset at the palace's garden.

Datu Batumbakal is aware of their meeting, he scolded Maria and restricted her to see Duke. Datu Batumbakal created a mandate on their baranggay that says royal blood cannot be involved with a commoner. This have been violated by Duke and Maria. Duke had been arrested and beheaded through the command of Datu Batumbakal. Maria was greatly saddened.

The love romance of Maria and Duke became a word of mouth throughout the baranggay. A place derived its name from them which is now called "Marinduque".