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Alamat Ng Pilipinas (English Version)

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Once upon a time, there was no earth. No people, plants, trees, water, moutains, sky and animals. Because there's nothing to see, Haring Pinagmulaan was unhappy. He wants to enjoy but he can't amuse himself. Thus, he spent more time thinkingwhat to do. Haring Pinagmulaan suddenly smiled. He came up with an idea of how to make himself happy.

Since then, Haring Pinagmulaan created the earth. On the meantime, Haring Pinagmulaan was amused. But those happiness did not last. He still feel the sadness. Haring Pinagmulaan cried and because of his intense sadness, his two teardrop fell from the sky. Those teardop became birds.

Haring Pinagmulaan smiled when he saw the flying birds. Although tired, the birds continuously flies because there is no place to stop. Haring Pinagmulaan felt pity on two birds. He thought of creating land and forest so they can use it as a resting place. When they saw the forest, the birds roost for a while. They flew after they regained energy. The birds did not stop flying to measure how large the land is.

One time, the birds saw a bamboo and they roost on it. They were curious about the sound it produce from its limb. They minced the bamboo limb through their beak. They were tired but didn't stop until it was torn apart.

From the large bamboo limb, Silalak appeared, the first man. The birds also heared a sound from another large bamboo limb. They did the same thing like the previous limb. Thereafter, Sibabay appeared, the first woman. Silalak and Sibabay became our ancestors and "Pilipinas" was the island where the bamboo sprang. The bamboo limbs which they came from.