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Alamat Ng Saging (English Version)

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Once upon a time, there was a couple named Aging and Juana. The two were so in-love with each other. Though the later's father Mang Juan forbid her to see Aging. Thus, the couple decided to conceal their meeting. Their secret meeting continues until one day, Mang Juan caught them.

Because of sudden rage, Juana's father took his sword and attacked Aging without hesitation. Aging did not have the chance to dodge and Aging's hand was cut off.

Aging was totally shocked and hurried his way back from danger. The tearful Juana can't do anything but to accept that her beloved Aging were gone. She took the amputated hand and buried it on their backyard.

Juana never heard of Aging since then.

Several days later, Mang Juan found a mysterious plant emerged in front of their house. He later called his daughter to inform about it. Juana was astounded only to find out that it was the exact location where she buried the amputated hand.

The mysterious green plant resembled Aging's hand.

"It was Aging" said by Juana.

And later on... it became, "Saging".