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Ang Babaing Balo (English Version)

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An old man approached a widowed woman. The old man like a beggar seems so ravenous. The place is in extreme hunger.

"Do you have any food?" asked by the old man

"I am so hungry and my stomach is empty for few days. I feel like i'm going to collapse"

"I have a handful of flour and very few oil" said by the widowed

"I will cook it for my son so we can eat before we die"

"If you will cook it, can you give some to me?" said by the pleading old man

"Okay, just wait here" said by the woman

The woman picked up every grain of flour and cooked it together with the very small amount of oil that was left. She cooked it to become a bread. That was the last piece of oil and flour that they have. Now there is nothing left, they don't know how they will eat. Maybe, death will come after them.

The bread is very small and three of them will share. The woman, her son and the old man. It not even enough for both of them but the woman divided the bread into two. Half of it was she gave to the old man.

The other half was belong to her son. She chose not to eat.

The old man ate the bread and happily gave them his gratitude before he left.

"Thank you so much" said by the old man

"God bless you for your kindness"

The woman gaze until the old man disappears in her eyes. Thereafter, she decided to look for her sleeping son to give the other half of bread.

She suddenly stopped when she noticed that the container was full of oil. She was wondering how and why it happen because it was already drained few moments ago. She also noticed that the flour's container is also filled.

Since then, the extreme hunger on their place never happened. The widowed woman's oil and flour never diminished.