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Mga Pamahiin (English Version)

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The "Pamahiin" or Superstitious belief were considered as part of Filipino culture. Believe it or not, it had a big influence in terms of culture, life, failure, success, sadness, happiness of Filipinos.

There are lots of Pamahiin which we follow. We inherit it through the elders and believe that failure to fulfill some of the Pamahiin will result a bad luck.

This customary can be applied to something we do or event that will affect our specific traits, though there is no logical connection of what may be the outcome is. The Pamahiin is a very old customary that we grew up with from our ancestors since the early times and until now it still possessed by many; especially for those who live in remote provinces.

The Pamahiin became a standard for everyday life of other people and also its warning for every actions, plans or endeavors. We obey the Pamahiin due to respect with elders.

Here are the examples of Pamahiin

  1. The bride should stomp the groom's feet while going into aisle in order to be the dominant between them

  2. The couple will become lucky if it rains during their wedding because it means their partnership will become luxurious

  3. Whoever woman who followed the path of bride during wedding, will be the next one to marry soon.

  4. It was considered bad luck if siblings marry within the same year.

  5. Chamber pot is considered a lucky gift for newly married couple.

  6. A building with 13th floor is considered unlucky.

  7. Good fortune will come if you put your right shoes first.

  8. A bad luck will happen for those who wear inverted socks.

  9. A white horse is considered lucky for its owner.

  10. A misfortune will happen for those who destroy spider's home.

  11. A good fortune will come for those who have white rooster.

  12. If there is a butterfly on your house during burial it means, the soul of love ones is virtuous

  13. A person with big ears will have a longer lifespan.

  14. It is considered unlucky if you saw a white cat on evening.

  15. If you saw a white butterfly on the early morning, you will become lucky for the entire day.